• LORD ANSON™ AGILITY WEAVE POLE SET - Each Lord Anson™ product is designed and tested by a team of experienced dog owners and designers to bring the best experience to both you and your pet. When you choose Lord Anson™, your dog will thank you.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND VERSATILE - The Lord Anson™ Agility Weave Set comes with 6 heavy duty, regulation size weave poles that can be arranged in a variety of layouts. The high quality, powder coated, blue metal base makes it easy to adjust the layout of the weave poles according to the skill level of your dog. Stakes are included to secure the base to the ground when used on grass or dirt. It's easy to assemble and transport in the included carrying case for dog training and agility on the go.
  • STURDY AGILITY POLES - Lord Anson™ competition grade agility poles are 3.25 ft (1 meter) long and made from a thick gauge, high quality plastic. Other thinner, smaller poles in cheaper agility sets will become warped and bent during training. Lord Anson™ agility poles are built to withstand extensive training and use.
  • HEAVY DUTY METAL BASE - The adjustable metal base included in this set features regulation spacing (2 ft on center), and metal threads that connect to each agility weave pole inside of a secure rubber and metal housing. Other low quality adjustable weave sets feature a flimsy fiberglass or plastic base with plastic threads that will break during training and create a potential hazard for your dog. With the Agility Weave Pole set, you can train with peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe.
  • GREAT FOR AGILITY, REHABILITATION, AND OBEDIENCE TRAINING. The Lord Anson™ Agility Weave Set can be used for much more than just agility. Whether you are training your dog for an upcoming show, having recreational fun with your dog at the park, or rehabilitating an injured dog, the Lord Anson™ Agility Weave Set delivers quality and performance that you can trust.

Dog Agility Weave Set


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