Lord Anson makes fury tails wag with innovative chew toys, high quality pet accessories, and loving belly rubs. Lord Anson works hard to make pet parenting easier! With solutions for destructive chewing, grooming, boredom, and poor dental health, Lord Anson creates happier and healthier homes for pets and their owners.


We take pride in our pet products and making your furry friends happier. We have a dedicated team of canines at our headquarters in Charlotte, NC to help develop and test our new products. Meet the team down below and don't forget to check out the dog blog, where owners get the chance to feature their furry loved ones and receive exclusive deals and discounts!

Meet The Team




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Meet Rambo! A bouncin' and lovin' Aussie from Charlotte. He loves adventures and going on runs expecially with his mom. He enjoys morning swims in the lake and cooling off in the ocean. Rambo always puts his family first and his cheese sticks second. His favorite toy is the Doggie Dentals! 

Meet Daphne! A 3 year old sassy mini dachshund! Her favorite things include cuddling, giving kisses, and completely demolishing her toys. She also enjoys digging on the bed to get her blankets just right and loves to bark at just about anything that moves!

Meet Myla! A picky princess husky. Myla loves popcicles, sand crabs, and chasing lizards. She enjoys hikes, swimming and playing with bugs! She also goes by Chew because when she was little she chewed through all her collars, sneaky one ain't she!


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Meet Scrappy! A 2 year old Mutt, who can't seem to figure out his ears. Scrappy loves to bathe in the sun and chew on anything made of leather. Scrappy loves to cuddle and meet new people. His favorite toy is the Mullet Head because you can put treats in it. 

David Bowie

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Meet David Bowie! Born on Valentine's Day, Bowie has always been a lover. His favorite song is "Diamond Dog" by David Bowie. Most days you can find him at Starbucks lapping up puppacino or holding down the fort as mascot for School of Rock Charlotte. 💖🐶

Woodrow Williams

Meet Woodrow! An English Shepherd that's too smart for his own good! He is a goof ball and has very high energy! He enjoys chasing squirrels and birds. Woody is the protector of the yard and shoos off any critters that don't belong. 

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